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  • Adjustable height: Yes
  • Shower shape: SQUARE
  • Surface Finishing: Painted with varnish
  • Material: Copper

1. Shower: This product is a thermostatic shower set, with smooth lines and in-place details. The pole can be retracted freely, corrosion resistant and durable. It can be matched with more styles to create a fashionable and healthy space.
2. The main body: material: copper + ABS, surface treatment: plating and electroplating, the appearance is solid and flat, the table design is very wide, toiletries can be placed freely, stains are not easy to stick, with a 4-speed button to easily switch the water mode, which is more convenient to use.
3. Top spray: 20cm large top spray, using air boosting technology, with hygienic silicone water outlet, easy to clean.
4. Hand spray: multiple water outlets, using skin-friendly silicone liquid water outlet, easy to clean, with 3 water outlet modes, one-button switching water outlet convenient.
5. High-pressure spray gun: Gently press the spray gun to clean women’s private parts, and it can also clean all corners of the bathroom at the same time.
6. Intelligent digital display temperature control: hydroelectric power generation, LED display water temperature. Water flows through a small vortex machine built into the bathroom to generate electricity to light up the LED screen. The display is waterproof and does not need to be plugged in. Just turn on the water outlet switch, and the water temperature will be displayed in real time.
7. If you love stylish, elegant and modern designs in your bathroom and understand the importance of quality products, then this is the product for you.

Suggestions for using a thermal shower
1. Digital display shower adopts hydroelectric power. If there is water flowing through it, the temperature will be displayed. If there is no water, it will not appear. It does not require batteries, pre-embedded and external power.
2. The water outlet on the wall should be hot on the left and cold on the right, (facing the water outlet, hot on the left and cold on the right).
3. The pressure difference between cold and hot water should be less than 30% (reduce the cold water inlet pressure to achieve cold and hot water balance. Or use a booster pump to increase the hot water supply pressure to achieve cold and hot water pressure balance.)
4. Water temperature: cold water 5-30 ℃; hot water 50-99 ℃.
5. Try to shorten the distance between the water heater and the faucet, so that the hot water can reach the faucet as soon as possible.

The difference between a thermostatic shower and a regular shower
1. Hot and cold shower faucet
Before taking a bath, you need to adjust the water temperature repeatedly to achieve a comfortable water temperature for a long time.
Smart thermostatic shower faucet
2. The set temperature is reached in about 2 seconds, and the temperature difference of about ± 2 ° C quickly stabilizes to a comfortable water temperature.
Solar energy, gas, rapid heating, hot water supply temperature is less than 50, left and right cold and right hot pipes are not recommended to use [constant temperature version] shower, otherwise the consequences will be at your own peril.


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